Commercial Carpet Cleaning

What We Do

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Casa Bella Services offer the solution in maintaining and restoring your carpets and also execute one-off cleans. Our professionals currently maintain a number of services for restaurants, pubs, care homes and companies with basic office space.

As acknowledged by carpet manufacturers, in regards to maintaining your carpets exceptional appearance and performance they must be expertly cleaned on a regular basis.

All our professionals are completely trained and we utilize the latest carpet cleaning tool and materials which will assure that you get the best probable clean each and every time. We are flexile in our services and will tailor our cleaning to your needs, servicing outside regular office hours at weekends and evenings to make certain all your needs are met.

Complete Carpet Clean

This choice is for the carpet cleaning of the whole premises whether it is a large office block or small pub we will deep cleanse your carpets in every room of the premises from top to bottom.

Spot Cleaning

If you do not desire to have the carpets cleaned in the entire property we can clean regions of your choice. Whether you desire just one region cleaned, or a few stains expelled we can carry out a spot clean on the regions that need attention.

Maintenance Plan

This choice is for us to carry out a complete survey of the property and execute an on-going maintenance scheme crafted to retain your carpets best appearance and performance.