Upholstery Cleaning

What We Do

Upholstery Cleaning

Over the past decade, Casa Bella Services has faced virtually every form of cleaning obstacle on just about every form of upholstery fabric, involving upholstery that’s difficult to safely clean involving silk, rayon, and velvet.

Before we start work we carefully investigate your fabric and the construction of each piece of furniture before choosing the cleaning procedure best suited to your material. The Casa Bella Service’s cleaning solutions are formulated to provide the most effective and safest cleaning treatment for your furniture so you can exclusively extend the durability of your investment.

We utilize the same cleaning solution for both upholstery and carpet cleaning. The upholstery is cleaned utilizing an extraction unit. The cleaning solution is eventually enforced to the furniture, and after the solution has alleviated the soil, the soil and cleaning solution are elicited from the furniture

Our upholstery cleaning procedure includes:

  • An evaluation with no hidden charges
  • A convenient appointment for you
  • Service from especially skilled professionals
  • A stain resistant vigilant coating
  • And as always our service is backed by a complete satisfaction assurance

And, because every business should be able to tailor their cleaning services, we provide a daytime cleaning option. Our cleaning experts are there on site during your business hours with a daytime routine that exclusively allows for quick resolution of problems and more effective communication.